Wednesday, 16 May 2012

And his banner over me is love

I finished this canvas a few weeks ago for a prayer day at church. My friend Kate had an idea for a banner of writing this verse from Song of Songs over the top of a background of lots of Bible verses about God's love. I made the background using my Junior Dymo embossing label maker and a big bag of tapes I've had for ages. I spent three evenings clicking away to type out enough strips to completely cover the canvas.

I made a stencil from scrap paper in the heart shape and finger painted to add the heart, then rubbed paint around the edges of the canvas too. I really like finger painting at the moment!

I stamped white paint on the bubble wrap and used multi medium to image transfer some book text and some birds I found in an old book.

I added pieces of patterned tissue paper and strips of microporous tape. For the main text on the heart, I just went for it with a permanent marker and wrote the words on. I practised using the stencil to check where the words would go and how big to make them, but then I just wrote it on and hoped for the best.

I gave Kate the canvas after the prayer day (as it was her idea which sparked it) and she loved it. I'm now trying to work out how I could translate it into a larger banner (maybe using foam alphabet stamps and some kind of resist technique?).

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