Sunday, 16 October 2011

Quilted ATCs

Earlier this year I took a fantastic online class with an extremely talented artist Julie Fei-fan Balzer. I love Julie's bright colourful work which has this amazing freedom about it. The class was called "It's Sew Easy" and had lots of mixed media and stitching projects.

One of the projects was to make some fabric ATCs (Artists Trading Cards) using image transfer techniques, painting, stamping and free motion stitching. I really enjoyed making these and some of my friends have asked me to make some for them too. I've stitched Bible verses onto the pieces and I think these would make a lovely way of presenting encouragement verses.

Here's a closer look...

Crochet flower brooches

I have another little fundraising endeavour going on at church at the moment and I have been using my new newly acquired skill of crochet to make some flower corsage brooches. They have been very well received and I am taking orders for Christmas presents.

The great thing about these is the wool I've been using. It's called "Wash and Filz it" and it's a washing machine felting wool. So I make a wobbly flower with my novice crocheting and then pop it in the washing machine and it tightens up and becomes all neat - hurray!

The larger flower comes from a pattern from the Mollie Makes magazine, with a covered button in the centre. I have been pinning the brooches onto a piece of card as it seems to make them look a bit more finished, and I think it will help to look like a nicer present to give someone.

I'm afraid I can't really link to the pattern I'm using for the roses as I'm fairly sure I've been doing it badly - it's all to do with the difference between American and English crochet patterns. However it seems to work and look quite nice so I'm sticking with it!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Shopping around

I am looking into starting up a new creative group at my church and so I wanted to start with a little fundraising. I looked into printed T-towels and cotton shopping bags but our church isn't big enough to support the numbers required and it would have been a big outlay for a tiny profit. I got thinking and I was particularly inspired by a pattern for a shopping bag in an issue Mollie Makes.

I have been loving free machine embroidery and I re-watched a tutorial that appeared on Kirstie's Homemade Home about sewing through tracing paper and I came up with this design for a church bag to sell. One thing I like about this is I only have to make one to start with and I'm going to take orders if other people would like to buy one.

You can see the stitching a bit closer up here. I finished the design with a little fabric paint and I printed our church logo onto some special fabric that can be run through the printer and is then washable from Crafty Computer Paper.

It folds up so nicely too...

Saturday, 1 October 2011

A mustard seed

I've had this image floating around in my head for months and I've finally got it down into my sketchbook. I used my Neocolour II crayons again. I love their vibrant colours.

This was another image from my sketchbook where I was experimenting with a resist technique. The stars/suns in the background are made with oil pastels and the writing is an embossed stamped image. I then added colour over the top with spray inks.

I was so inspired by a wonderful post this week on the Owl City blog. You may have heard of Owl city's music and I recommend a look at the blog. Owl City is a guy called Adam Young who writes the most beautiful, poetic, though provoking blog posts. The one which moved me this week is called "The Lighted Carriage and the Starlit night".