Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Romans 12 v 12 (and a PVA fabric resist)

We had a Women's Day at our church this weekend and the verse from Romans 12 v 12 was used on the day with the theme of Hope. The day went really well with over 130 people coming along to it.

I had fun making the banner as I tried out a new resist technique. I started with a white piece of fabric and then I painted the large words using a cheap kids PVA glue (labelled "washable") and let it dry completely. I pinned the fabric up on the wall and projected the words on to it so that they would be neat, but I stuck bin bags to the wall behind the fabric as I was worried I would glue the whole thing to the wall!

The next step was to cover the banner in fabric paint, and I was really pleased with how it turned out as it reminded me a little of a Kandinsky painting. I painted some white fabric paint onto some bubble wrap and printed some circles with it.

When the paint was dry I gave it a quick iron and then left it to soak in tepid water in the bath for half an hour and then scrubbed off the PVA glue. I was so happy when I saw it had actually worked! Then I washed and dried it in the washing machine / tumble drier.

I had some members from my banner team come round to my house and help cut out the black letters which we ironed on and then I pinned it together with very heavy calico on the back to give it some weight so it will hang nicely. I then stitched around the white circles - I love how this looks, even though you can't really see it in the church setting.

I bound the edges with red fabric and had some help hanging it up in church (It's up so high!).

I've had some lovely comments back from church already and so now my thoughts are turning to a design for Easter which we can work on as a group.

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