Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My Friend - Wonder Woman!

I'm back! I am hoping to be blogging a lot more here now. I am entering a new stage in my life as my youngest child has just started school and it's a big adjustment. The photo above is of my lovely friend Claire and she has recently featured on The Salvation Army website in New Zealand. Here's the article. It gave me food for thought. I love Claire's phrase "holding things lightly". As I work out which way my artwork is going, in terms of work and church commitments, I am going to be giving serious thought as to what I will be holding onto lightly.

I have started a new creative group at church, called "Create". We will be meeting once a month and we will be working on church banners alongside anyone who wants to come along and bring along their own craft projects. I am hoping it will develop into a group that encourages, friendship, encouragement and inspiration (and some cake too!). We had our first meeting last night and we've made a start on our Christmas banner. It was a fun evening of chatting and cutting out fabric squares.

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