Friday, 9 September 2011

Look at the birds

Here's a another little look into my sketchbook. I used a few techniques I've learnt from Christy Tomlinson's art journalling course (called "She Had Three Hearts") I've taken recently to make this page. Christy has a fantastic blog with lots of fabulous creative ideas. She also chats about her faith alongside her artwork. She is a very inspiring person.

I used a brayer to apply some blue paints to the page.

I added a bit too much paint and used kitchen roll to lift some off, which gave a really nice texture.

I used an image transfer technique to add the birds to my cardboard tree. I cut out birds from an old kids book (bought especially from Ebay for this as my kids wouldn't like me cutting up their books!) and used gel medium to transfer the image onto the page. This is a really fun technique.

I layered up some paper flowers and blobbed on some more paint to make the centres.

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