Saturday, 1 October 2011

A mustard seed

I've had this image floating around in my head for months and I've finally got it down into my sketchbook. I used my Neocolour II crayons again. I love their vibrant colours.

This was another image from my sketchbook where I was experimenting with a resist technique. The stars/suns in the background are made with oil pastels and the writing is an embossed stamped image. I then added colour over the top with spray inks.

I was so inspired by a wonderful post this week on the Owl City blog. You may have heard of Owl city's music and I recommend a look at the blog. Owl City is a guy called Adam Young who writes the most beautiful, poetic, though provoking blog posts. The one which moved me this week is called "The Lighted Carriage and the Starlit night".

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