Sunday, 16 October 2011

Crochet flower brooches

I have another little fundraising endeavour going on at church at the moment and I have been using my new newly acquired skill of crochet to make some flower corsage brooches. They have been very well received and I am taking orders for Christmas presents.

The great thing about these is the wool I've been using. It's called "Wash and Filz it" and it's a washing machine felting wool. So I make a wobbly flower with my novice crocheting and then pop it in the washing machine and it tightens up and becomes all neat - hurray!

The larger flower comes from a pattern from the Mollie Makes magazine, with a covered button in the centre. I have been pinning the brooches onto a piece of card as it seems to make them look a bit more finished, and I think it will help to look like a nicer present to give someone.

I'm afraid I can't really link to the pattern I'm using for the roses as I'm fairly sure I've been doing it badly - it's all to do with the difference between American and English crochet patterns. However it seems to work and look quite nice so I'm sticking with it!

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  1. These are lovely, I have been learning to crochet so might try to make some too.