Sunday, 13 November 2011

A banner group visit

This week has marked a step forward in my journey towards making church art. I submitted a proposal to start a new banner group at our Ecumenical Church Council and it was given the go-ahead. So it's all official now.

I spent Tuesday afternoon with the talented ladies at the banner group at our sister church in the town. I found it quite overwhelming to look through their catalogue of banners which have been produced over the last twenty years. Each banner had a story behind it and there was such thought and consideration put into each one. The ladies of the group were lovely and very generous with their valuable advice about things they have learnt over the years.

They started the group with a Bible reading and a prayer time as well as their Banner group prayer. It was great to start with that focus on why we were there.

Things I learnt from them about producing banners were...
  • Artwork has to be clear and bold to be seen across such a large space.
  • White backgrounds and cream backgrounds on white or cream walls don't work.
  • Graduated colours can be achieved layering coloured net.
  • Using italic text can be tricky , as each letter has to have the right angle.
  • Black outlines can add definition if the background and image are similar in tone.
This is their banner group prayer...

"Oh Lord, who has created all,
each leaf and blossom great and small,
look down and bless our work today,
guide our eyes and hands we pray,
that we within you church may make,
a worthy offering for your sake."

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  1. All the best with your endeavours, we have some awesome banners at our church courtesy of an amazing lady who creates. I find them so helpful in worship. Love that prayer too, very apt.