Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Art Saves

Time has passed so quickly lately and I've had lots of ideas which haven't made it on here yet. I'm hoping to catch up a little when everything slows down a bit in a couple of weeks. At the moment we are in a whirl of Christmas parties, plays and preparations.

I have managed to squeeze in some reading time recently and I really enjoyed this book "Art Saves". It has lots of different contributors including Jenny Doh, Melody Ross, Suzi Blu, Rebecca Sower, Kelly Rae Roberts and many more. It's a fabulous book combining great projects with thoughtful words. I've already sent my copy onto a friend but I'm thinking maybe I should buy another one as I can think of so many people who would enjoy it.

I'm continuing my journey finding out who I am in relation to my artwork and I'm beginning to love the title "Maker" rather than "Artist" or "Crafter".

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